Flamin' Groovies

Jumping in the Night - Sire 1979

Tracks: 1. Jumpin' In The Night / 2. The Next One Crying / 3. First Plane Home / 4. In The U.S.A. / 5. Down Down Down / 6. Yes I Am / 7. Werewolves of London / 8. It Won't Be Wrong / 9. Please Please Me / 10. Tell Me Again / 11. Absolutely Sweet Marie / 12. 5D / 13. Ladyfriend


"Jumping in the Night" from 1979 was the last of three albums that the Flaming Groovies released on Sire Records in the 1970s. Unlike the first two, which were produced by Dave Edmunds "Jumping in the Night" was produced by group member Cyril Jordan in collaboration with Roger Bechirian. However, there is no apparent difference in the sound, and Edmunds' spirit shines throughout the album.

The first Sire album, "Shake Some Action", was characterized by fine original songwriting mixed with some solid cover version and with Edmundsí fine feeling for pure clear sound, and the album has become a power-pop classic. The sequel "Now" suffered a bit from more uneven songwriting, but it was still a fine album in the same vein of its predecessor. The same thing can be said about this album. Fine sound and somewhat uneven original songwriting but otherwise a solid album that easily measures up to "Now."

Group members Cyril Jordan and Chris Wilson are, like on the previous two albums, behind the original songs. As a songwriting team they are distinguished with catchy tunes that bear clear signs of inspiration from The Beatles and The Byrds. Six songs the duo contributed to this album, and with fine songs like "Yes I Am", "Tell Me Again" and "First Plane Home" they present themselves from their strongest side. The other three are song solid enough, but less significant.

Among the cover songs the two Byrds songs "5D" and "Lady Friend" are really good. Especially the latter is by the group given an interpretation that actually makes it more immediately catchy than The Byrds themselves. Also the Stones' "19th Nervous Breakdown" and Dylan's "Absolutely Sweet Marie" are given fine treatments.

Too bad that the group more or less disappeared from the limelight after this album and that it would take eight years before the next album "One Night Stand" was released in 1987.

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