It's Only a Movie - Raft 1973

Tracks: 1. It's Only a Movie / 2. Leroy / 3. Buffet Tea for Two / 4. Boom Bang / 5. Boots 'N' Roots / 6. Banger / 7. Sweet Desire / 8. Suspicion / 9. Check Out / 10. Hometown [*] / 11. Holding the Compass [Live][*] / 12. Weavers Answer [Live][*] / 13. Dim [Live][*] / 14. Procession/No Mule's Fool [Live][*]


Family's last album "It's Only a Movie" sounds quite different from the group's other records. Part of the explanation can be be explained with the fact that the group lineup had undergone a few changes. Pianist Tony Ashton and bassist / guitarist Jim Cregan were new in the group, and especially Ashton's often honky tonk style playing has left its mark on the album.

Another thing is that the album to a certain degree is a concept-album in which a portion of numbers have the imprint of soundtrack music. Moreover there is an extraordinarily significant impact from the American music.

The album was not a commercial success but not because it’s not a good one. I believe many Family fans may not have been able to identify with the group's new direction.

A few numbers stand out for me out from the rest, especially the country bluesy "Leroy" - both comical and catchy - a little Rocky Raccon over it."Buffet for Two" is one of the tracks where the group sounds mostly like themselves. Strong vocals and a rather complex number, with a grande arrangemment. "Sweet Desire" could almost be called exotic reinterpretation of the old "Louie Louie"

The closing track "Check Out", and should prove to also be the group Family's check out - really very unfortunate, as the group had given so much and in fact never quite achieved the recognition it deserved. "Check Out" is a fine number that goes well alonside rock revival trend at the time including Mott the Hoople.

If you miss the “old” Family there are things to go for among the bonus tracks. Especially the beautiful B-side "Hometown" by Rick Grech time - Chapman sounds here almost as Peter Gabriel. The other bonus numbers are old live favourites chosen among the group's best compositions.

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