Brinsley Schwarz

It's All Over Now - Mega Dodo BSCD2 - 2017 (1974)

Tracks: 1. We Can Mess Around / 2. Cruel To Be Kind / 3. As Lovers Do / 4. Iíll Take Good Care Of You / 5. Hey Baby (Theyíre Playing Our Song) / 6. Do The Cod / 7. God Bless (Whoever Made You) / 8. Everybody / 9. Private Number / 10. Give Me Back My Love / 11. Itís All Over Now


"It's All Over Now" was planned to be released in 1974 as Brinsley Schwarz's seventh album. With producer Steve Verroca, it should have been the album that gave the group a breakthrough in the United States, and the little commercial approach is quite apparent through most of the album. The album recorded and ready for release as planned but as the group members in the meantime had decided to split up the album remained unreleased.

Now the album is finally available in a nice remastered edition. It contains some fine original songs, but as a whole, it does not match the best albums of the group such as. "New Favorites" and "Silver Gun".

A standout is Nick Lowe's melodic mid-time rocker "We Can Mess Around". Also, "Cruel to be Kind" is a nice song, but Lowe's solo performance is far better and not arranged as the mainstream pop. "Give Me Back My Love" is a bit of a "Twist and Shout" rip-off, but the song works pretty well Among the originals there are also a few ballads, "As Lovers Do" and "Good Bless". The former sounds very much like a Merseybeat song, but the other is a little bit dull.

There are not really any of the cover numbers that impress me, and as a whole I had expected a little more of this album.

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