In Utero - DGC 1993

Tracks: 1. Serve The Servants / 2. Scentless Apprentice / 3. Heart-Shaped Box / 4. Rape Me / 5. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle / 6. Dumb / 7. Very Ape / 8. Milk It / 9. Pennyroyal Tea / 10. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter / 11. Tourette's / 12. All Apologies


"In Utero" was Nirvana's third and last studio album. The group wanted an album less commercial and less polished album than its predecessor "Nevermind". The album should show the group's range from the very raw to the melodically; almost poppy.

The band obviously succeeded in this; In fact, in several of the individual songs have a melodically subdued part and a raw rocking part. This applies to several of the album's best-known and distinctive songs such as "Heart Shaped Box", "Rape Me", "Francis Farmer" and "Pennyroyal Tea". On two songs, "Dumb" and "All Apologies", a cello occurs, which gives the album an even wider musical range; both songs are highlights and songs that also appear on the excellent "MTV Unplugged in New York", released after Kurt Cocain's death. Also "Pennyroyal Tea" was performed on this album.

Among the bonus tracks Dave Grohl's "Marigold" is a great addition - a song that had should have earned inclusion on the original album from 1993.

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