Beau Brummels

Introducing Beau Brummels - Autumn 1965

Tracks: 1. Laugh Laugh / 2. Still In Love With You Baby / 3. Just A Little / 4. Just Wait And See / 5. Oh Lonesome Me / 6. Aint That Loving You Baby / 7. Stick Like Glue / 8. Theyll Make You Cry / 9. Thats If You Want Me To / 10. I Want More Loving / 11. I Would Be Happy / 12. Not Too Long Ago / 13. Good Time Music (*) / 14. Gentle Wandering Ways (*) / 15. Fine With Me /16. Just A Little (Demo) / 17. It´s So Nice (*) / 18. How Many Times (*) / 19. She´s My Girl (*) / 20. News (*) / 21. I´ll Tell You (*) / 22. No Lonelier Man (*) / 23. She Loves Me (*) / 24. Tomorrow is Another Day (*) [*] = Bonus-track


The Beau Brummmels´ 1965 debut-album contains to band two biggest hit-singles “Laugh Laugh” and “Just a Little” both of which are still great listening. Their early music was greatly inspired by the Beatles but also by some of their American contemporaries like the Lovin Spoonful. In fact one of their other 1965 singles “Good Time Music” was written by John Sebastian of the Lovin Spoonful. Great to find this fine song among the bonus-tracks.

The music on the original album was mostly written by guitarist Ron Elliott, and he was obviously a fine songwriter. Besides the two hits, catchy songs like “Stick Like Glue” and “Not Too Long Ago” stand out. Also their cover of “Oh, Lonesome Me” is fine - sounds a little like the Everly Brothers.

Occasionally their vocal harmonies sound a little odd - especially on a couple of the bonus-tracks which are mostly demos or weaker versions of the album-tracks. On the other hand besides “Good Time Music” some of the bonus-tracks are actually quite good. Ellitt´s “Gentle Wandering Ways” and “I´ll Tell You” are fine recordings - also lead-singer Sal Valentino´s “It´s So Nice” is good.

Nice 8-pages booklet goes with the extended CD-version with a fine biography witten by Chris Welch.

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