Crowded House

Intriguer - Fantasy 2010

Tracks: 1. Saturday Sun / 2. Archer's Arrows / 3. Amsterdam / 4. Either Side of the World / 5. Falling Down / 6. Isolation / 7. Twice If You're Lucky / 8. Inside Out / 9. Even If / 10. Elephants


Crowded House's 2010 album "intriguer" clearly show that the leader Neil Finn has retained the ability to write melodic and catchy pop-rock songs.

After more than ten years of hiatus the group returned in 2007 with the album "Time on Earth" and "intriguer" is the sequel to this. As mentioned, the melodic element is the paramount at Crowded House, and especially groups like The Beatles and Crosby, Stills and Nash seem to be sources of inspiration. There are however also glimpses of both Genesis and Oasis on this latest album. The really great songs include the very catchy "Amsterdam", which to me probably is the highligt of the album. Both "Falling Dove" and "Twice if You're Lucky" seem very Beatles-inspired, and both are great songs, too.

The quiet ballad "Elephants" rounds up greatly a fine album and generally "intrigues" holds up the level of the group's first albums, with the possible exception of the very well-rounded album "Woodface" from 1991.

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