Pete Dello

Into Your Ears - Nepenta 1971 / Reissue + 10 - Hanky Panky 2005

Tracks: 1. It's What You've Got / 2. There's Nothing That I Can Do for You / 3. I'm a Gambler / 4. Harry the Earwig / 5. Do I Still Figure in Your Life / 6. Uptight Basil / 7. Taking the Heart Out of Love / 8. On a Time Said Sylie / 9. Good Song / 10. It's the Way / 11. Go Away / 12. Arise Sir Henry / 13. Uptight Basil ( single ) / 14. Taking the Heart Out of Love ( single ) / 15. Im a Gambler ( 75 single ) / 16. Go Away ( 69 B-side ) / 17. Working Class Man ( 73 B-side ) / 18. Tattered Robe ( 75 B-side ) / 19. Im a Gambler ( 75 single ) / 20. Delighted to See You ( demo ) / 21. Hold Up / 22. Texas Candy


Honeybus has 3 great songwriters in Roy Cane, Colin Hare and especially Pete Dello who wrote most a their best known songs like, "Do I Still Figure in Your Life", "The Gambler", "Delighted to see you" and of course "I Can`t Let Maggie Go". This is his solo album from 1971 when had had left Honeybus, as he suffered from bad health and too much touring. Dello had already had a long career in different outfits during the 1960?s and would rather just write and record instead of being part of a touring band. Honeybus recorded an excellent album "Story" without Pete, and they also supports him on this terrific album.

Fortunately Dello rejoined Honeybus later to do more fine recordings; among these the great album "Recital" which still remains to be released in its entirety. Most of these tracks can be found on various Honeybus compilations.

On this solo album there are no weak tracks at all, and the CD features two bonus-tracks which help make this CD a must buy for any fan of intelligent melodic pop music, that can be listened to more than just 2-3 times. This is great music. There are particularly outstanding tracks of course:

"Do I Still Figure in Your Life" is incredibly beautiful; this is not the Honeybus version, but an equally strong recording. "Uptight Basil" is an extremely catchy humouristic song; both versions here are great. "Taking the Heart Out of Love" is another example of Dello`s unique skill for writing unforgettable ballads with heartfelt melodies and lyrics. Again two versions of a song where one cannot be preferred to the other. "Arise Sir Henry" is another free and easy tune that could easily have been a hit had it been released as a single.

This CD is to be highly recommended!

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