Savage Rose

In The Plain - Polydor 1968

Tracks: 1. Long Before I was Born / 2. I'm Walking through the Door / 3. Let's see Her / 4. Ride my Mountain / 5. The Shepherd and Sally / 6. His own Happiness / Gods little Hand / 7. Evening's Child / 8. A Trail in our Native Town


A 1969 Classic ( actually released in December 1968 in Denmark). What is Savage Rose? One answer could be," A remarkably soulful voice, great classical inspired compositions, skilled musicianship and a touch of "Traffic" and "Pink Floyd".

This album is not as immediately catchy as their 1968 debut, but with outstanding songs like "Long Before I Was Born" ( a little Mott the Hoople" piano on that ), "The Shepherd and Sally" and the hit-single "Evening's Child" you'll soon be caught in.

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