Everly Brothers

In Our Image - Warner Brothers 1966

Tracks: 1. Leave My Girl Alone / 2. Chained to a Memory / 3. I'll Never Get Over You / 4. The Doll House is Empty / 5. Glitter and Gold / 6. The Power of Love / 7. The Price of Love / 8. It's All Over / 9. I Used to Love You / 10. Lovey Kravesit / 11. June is as Cold as December / 12. It Only Costs a Dime


The Everly Brothers' 1966 album "In Our Image" is like its predecessor "Beat & Soul" and especially the sequel "Two Yanks in England" very much influenced by the contemporary British pop sound. The opening track "Leave My Girl Alone" is a good example of this, and the track might easily go for a Searchers recording, with ringing guitars - one of the disc's many highlights.

"Chained to a Memory" is the first two fine ballads in the classic Everly Brothers style - the other one is Don Everly's own "It's All Over" - much in the same vein as the earlier "Like Strangers".

In the lighter section you will find "I'll Never Get Over You", "I Used To Love You" and "Lovey Kravesit" which, without being directly weak, could be classified as album fillers. The wistful "The Doll's House is Empty" is quite sweet but not very memorable.

The brothers come out strongest on the British inspired tracks like the previously mentioned "Leave My Girl Alone", but of course also on the hit single "The Price of Love". More or less the same approach you will find in "Glitter and Gold", "June is as Cold as December" (more Searchers sound) and not least the closing track "It Only Costs a Dime" is highlighted. One of the brothers' strongest originals.

Many Everly Brothers albums appear somewhat uneven, but this definitely belongs among the best. Like many albums released in those days "In Our Image" has a very short playing time, which may have been a contributing factor to the fact the album has been somewhat overlooked.

Nice sound, and fine informative liner notes from Richie Unterberger

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