The Seekers

Seekers Seen in Green - Columbia - 1967

Tracks: 1. If You Go Away / 2. Cloudy / 3. Chase a Rainbow / 4. Rattler / 5. Love Is Kind Love Is Wine / 6. Angeline Is Always Friday / 7. The Sad Cloud / 8. All I Can Remember / 9. On The Other Side / 10. 59th Street Bridge Song / 11. Can't Make Up My Mind / 12. Colours Of My Life


"Seekers Seen in Green" from 1967 was the group's last studio album before the group disbanded, in part because lead singer Judith Durham at this time was beginning to feel locked in with the group's image as a nice folk-pop group who just desired to please and entertain. Actually, it was a big shame that this happened, since the group was experiencing musical development, and was increasingly beginning to record their own original songs.

Thus, no fless than nine of the twelve songs were written or co-written by one of the group members. Guitarist Bruce Woodley ecomes out as the most prolific, and he proves, as he had previously done, ato be a very good songwriter. "Rattler", which has since been recorded by several other artists including Herman's Hermits, Lulu and Cliff Richard is one fine example. It is also Bruce himself who takes care of the lead vocal on this track. Interesting too, that Woodley was a good friend of Paul Simon and that they wrote songs together. Best known among these is probably "Red Rubber Ball" from the previous album "Come the Day". On this album is "Cloudy" an example of their cooperation. For this album the group have also recorded a fine version of Paul Simon's "Feeling Groovy".

The other guitarist Keith Potger wrote the upbeat optimistic "All I Can Remember", while Judith Durham's is a co-writer on "Canít Make Up My Mind" and "Colours of My Life", which both are fine songs.

Tom Springfield, who is a brother of Dusty Springfield, who wrote some of the group's greatest hits such as "I'll Never Find Another You", "The Carnival is Over" and "A World of Our Own", contributes with a new fine number, "Island of Dreams"

In fact, this album is pretty rock solid and only the somewhat pretentious "If You Go Away" written by Jacques Brel seems unnecessary clumsy. Overall, I would rate it as the group's most solid and consistent.

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