Indigo Girls

Indigo Girls - Epic 1989

Tracks: 1. Closer To Fine / 2. Secure Yourself / 3. Kid Fears / 4. Prince Of Darkness / 5. Blood And Fire / 6. Tried To Be True / 7. Love's Recovery / 8. Land Of Canaan / 9. Center Stage / 10. History Of Us / 11. Land Of Canaan (Radio Single Remix) / 12. Center Stage (Live)


This was my second Indigo Girls album after "Nomads, Indians. .", which I had bought because "Hammer and a Nail", and though ( at least in the beginning ) the album did not quite live up to "Nomads", two tracks were immediate hits - "Closer to Fine" was, I believe, a minor hit; and "Tried to be True" is equally strong with its terrific intro; REM are backing the girls om that one. Emily's melodic ballad "Love's Recovery" is another favourite. The appearance of Michael Stipe on "Kid Fears" is pleasant surprise, and the re-recording of "Land of Canaan" is a much better production than the original version.

A few of the other tracks, may be a little forgettable, but all in all a great album from Indigo Girls - one their best.

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