The Raiders

Indian Reservation - Columbia - 1971

Tracks: 1. Indian Reservation / 2. Birds of a Feather / 3. Just Remember You´re My Sunshine / 4. Prince of Peace / 5. Eve of Destruction / 6. Come in, You´ll Get Pneumonia / 7. Shape of Things to Come / 8. Take Me Home / 9. Heaven Help Us All / 10. The Turkey


Thanks to the hit single "Indian Reservation", this album was released during a brief comeback for Mark Lindsay & the Raiders. The song "Indian Reservation" was actually a Lindsay solo recording, which, however, he chose to release in the name of the group. It turned out to be a big hit, so there was obviously a need for a new album from the group. It seems there may have been some time pressure, since the album quite is a patchy affair, with more songs, like the title track, sound like Lindsay solo recording.

They best songs are the ones where you clearly feel the group ”The Raiders”. For example, the strong rocker "Prince of Peace" is a fine example of what the late Raiders line up could deliver. A few other tracks such as "The Shape of Things to Come" have some of the same quality, but as a whole the album goes in too many different directions and therefore never comes close to comparing to the excellent predecessor "Collage".

"Birds of a Feather" a fine popsong written by Joe South, who might have listened a little too much to Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl". Quite excellent cover versions you have of "Eve of Destruction" and "Come in, You'll Get Pneumonia". Quite unusual, moreover, that Lindsay himself contributes only a single song, even one of the least interesting (The Turkey)

But as already stated the album comes out mostly as a quickly composed shambles.

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