Sonny & Cher

In Case You're in Love - Atlantic 1967

Tracks: 1. Beat Goes On / 2. Groovy Kind Of Love / 3. You Baby / 4. Monday / 5. Love Don't Come / 6. Podunk / 7. Little Man / 8. We'll Sing In The Sunshine / 9. Misty Roses / 10. Stand By Me / 11. Living For You / 12. Cheryl's Goin' Home / 13. Beautiful Story* / 14. Good Combination* / 15. Plastic Man*


When I first listened to Coldplay's "Mylo Xyloto" I was somewhat disappointed and did not feel that it lived up to the previous albums. It seemed there were just not as many really good songs as I had hoped for and expected, and furthermore some songs sounded a little too much like something I had previously heard.

Sonny of Cher's third Atlantic album, "In Case You're in Love" in 1967 and also the weakest and least interesting of the three. One reason is that Bono himself this time only contributed five songs. In addition to the two fine hits "Little Man" and "The Beat Goes On," which I won’t hesitate to call a "beat-classic", it is the two good, but also somewhat ordinary, "Monday" and "Living for You" while "Podunk" directly silly.

Most of the cover songs are decent, but nothing more. The exception is Bob Lind's fine "Cheryl's Going Home," which the duo gives a fine version of. "Misty Roses" is at the same time pretentious and boring - very typical of the time - and not in a good way.

The absolute highlight is, of course, "The Beat Goes On," which in many ways draws a picture of pop music anno 1967. A pity that the duo did not pursue this more soul influenced style on their subsequent releases, instead of the pure pop entertainment style they embarked upon after signing to the MCA label.

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