Keith Allison

In Action (Plus) - Columbia 1967

Tracks: 1. Louise / 2. I m a Believer / 3. Freeborn Man / 4. Lies / 5. I Wanna Be Free / 6. Colours / 7. Good Thing / 8. Action, Action, Action / 9. Catch the Wind / 10. Leave My Woman Alone / 11. Do It / 12. Action, Action, Action (mono single version) / 13. Glitter and Gold / 14. I Ain t Blamin You / 15. Look at Me / 16. Who Do You Love / 17. I Don t Want Nobody but You / 18. Birds of a Feather / 19. To Know Her Is To Love Her / 20. Johnny B. Goode/Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On / 21. Toad Jam Blues / 22. Everybody / 23. Wednesday s Child


Keith Allison may be unknown to most people, but besides being a relative to the Crickets drummer Jerry Allison, he played an important part in a great deal of the career of Paul Revere and the Raiders.

Allison, like Paul Revere and the Raiders, was among the the artist in the television show, ”Where the Action is”, which ran in the mid-sixties, and he optained some recognition and popularity through this show. He was released one album, "In Action" on Columbia Records in 1967, and a handful of singles in the period from 1967 to 1970, all of which should be on this 23 tracks release.

It’s obvious that Allison had a lot of contact with Paul Revere and the Raiders which is revealed through "Louise" and "Good Thing", where he allowed to the same backing tracks as this group used their own releases. In addition, you will find the album "In Action" the original version of "Freeborn Man" which he wrote with Mark Lindsay. Also "Wednesday Child" from his last Columbia single was written with Lindsay, who also produced Allison's last three singles. Allison later became a regular member of Paul Revere and the Raiders, and wrote for the group several fine songs. In fact, is his last single very much sounds like this group, and for fans, this CD definitely is very interesting.

Allison is a fine musician, and he also shows fine vocals, although he does not quite measure up to Lindsay.

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