Leonard Cohen

I'm Your Man - Columbia 1988

Tracks: 1. First We Take Manhattan / 2. Ain't No Cure for Love / 3. Everybody Knows / 4. I'm Your Man / 5. Take This Waltz / 6. Jazz Police / 7. I Can't Forget / 8. Tower of Song


"I'm Your Man" from 1988 was the album that brought Cohen back in the headlines of the music pages. Cohen here chose seriously to follow contemporary trends and sounds, and his songs thus come out appearing much more attractive than on the immediately preceding albums . Cohen appear to have achieved new musical inspiration and with songs like "First We Take Manhattan", " Ain't No Cure For Love", "Take This Waltz", " I Can't Forget ," "Tower of Song" and others, the album has made its mark in music history as one of Cohen's very best - personally I would venture to say that the sequel "the Future" is even better.

Most of the songs have since become favourites on Cohen's concert set lists. Both Anjani Thomas and especially Jennifer Warner play vocally major roles and their presence help give the album its character. This is also the album where Cohen for the first time released a song ( Everybody Knows ) co-written by Sharon Robinson, who on subsequent albums would come to play an even greater role.

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