Aimee Mann

I'm With Stupid - Geffen 1995

Tracks: 1. Long Shot / 2. Choice in the Matter / 3. Sugarcoated / 4. You Could Make a Killing / 5. Superball / 6. Amateur / 7. All Over Now / 8. Par for the Course / 9. You're with Stupid Now / 10. That's Just What You Are / 11. Frankenstein / 12. Ray / 13. It's Not Safe


Aimee Mann's second solo album from 1995 shows Mann as a songwriter in rapid development. Musically, there are songs that points back towards her early days in power-pop group 'Til Tuesday, but more songs come closer to the more mature Mann and albums like "Bachelor No. 2" and "Lost in Space". You could call it a transition album, which in this case does not mean that it comes out unsure or hesitant.

In the lighter end you find one of her most immediately catchy songs, the charming single "That's Just What You Are". Pure power-pop is fine "It's Not Safe". Among more ordinary rockers "Long Shot", "Sugarcoated" and "Superball" are examples. Almost pure pop is the fine "Choice of the Matter"

For me the greatest songs, however, are found among those which point towards the albums that would succeed "I'm With Stupid". "Amateur" is great subdued ballad. "I'm With Stupid Now" a half-acoustic quiet song could be called the title song. In the more droning end we find the haunting "Par for the Course" and "You Could Make a Killing". "Frankenstein" is another great song that musically takes a surprising turn along the way, showing Mann's desire to experiment and develop her musical expression. Finally there is "Ray", which almost sounds like an Indigo Girls track.

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