I Hear a Symphony - Motown 1966

Tracks: 1. Stranger in Paradise / 2. Yesterday / 3. I Hear a Symphony / 4. Unchained Melody / 5. With a Song in My Heart / 6. Without a Song / 7. My World Is Empty Without You / 8. Lover's Concerto / 9. Any Girl in Love / 10. Wonderful! Wonderful! / 11. Everything Is Good About You / 12. He's All I Got


This 1966 album features a much more varied type of songs than the previous albums, making it a much more uneven affair. Including several standards of that time like "Unchained Melody" and "Lover's Concerto" and exposing them for rather heavy orchestration. Though "Lover's Concerto" is quite enjoyable the Motown sound is more or less lost. The Holland/Dozier/Holland material on the album suits the Supremes' voices best, and stand out as the strongest and makes the album worthwhile after all.

Favourites are the two hits "I Hear a Symphony" and "My World Is Empty Without You"

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