Francoise Hardy

Love Songs

Tracks: Bown Bown Bown / 2. Brulure / 3. Can't Get The One I Want / 4. I Think It's Gonna Rain Today / 5. If You Listen / 6. Let My Name Be Sorrow / 7. Ocean / 8. Sometimes / 9. Take My Hand For A While / 10. The Garden Of Jane Delawnay / 11. Till The Morning Comes / 12. Until It's Time For You To Go


For years I have been a big fan of Francoise Hardy's early Vogue recordings, and to a minor extent also of her recent albums like "Clair Obscur". I was not familiar with her records from the 1970's and 1980's, until thought I'd give this album a chance.

From the tracklist I recognized great songs like Randy Newman's "I Think it's Gonna Rain Today" and the Trees' "The Garden of Jane Delawney"; so I felt pretty sure that it had to be a great album. But somehow I was a little disappointed with it.

The punch/beat I always felt; even in Hardy's quiet songs, seemed to be lacking on most songs on this album. Most songs are quiet ballads; too many with vague melodies not particularly memorable, many weighed down by heavy orchestral arrangements

Fortunately there are a few exceptions. Hardy's version of Buffy Sainte Marie's "Until It's Time For You to Go" is beautiful and moving. One of the few tracks that are not ruined by too much orchestral arrangement, though the second half of it is weighed down a little by the strings.

The best tracks is without comparison Hardy's own "Brulure". The only song in the French language, and one of the few with a rock/beat that feeling to it; even though this is also a ballad. Other fine tracks are "Ocean", "Bown Bown Bown" and her second Buffy Sainte Marie cover "Take My Hand For a While"

"I Think it's Gonna Rain Today" and "The Garden of Jane Delawney" were both disappointments. Dusty Springfield's version of the first, and the Trees' original version of the latter are much to be preferred.

Though not a totally poor album, I would not recommend it as the place to start with Francoise Hardy's music. Try the 2 CD collection "The Vogue Years"

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