Sheryl Crow

100 Miles From Memphis - AM Records 2010

Tracks: Tracks: 1. Our Love Is Fading / 2. Eye To Eye / 3. Sign Your Name / 4. Summer Day / 5. Long Road Home / 6. Say What You Want / 7. Peaceful Feeling / 8. Stop / 9. Sideways / 10. 100 Miles From Memphis / 11. Roses And Moonlight / 12. I Want You Back


I never thought that I should ever come to consider giving a Sheryl Crow album only three stars.

I was a big big fan of Crow because of her 1996 album and the follwing "The Globe Sessions", both of which which had edge, catchy songs and strong vocals. "C'mon C'mon" from 2002 came close to the two, and I was lucky to see her live in Copenhagen, while the single "The First Cut is the Deepest" was at its highest. Great concert, by the way. The two subsequent albums "Wildflower" and "Detours" disappointed me a little- Both albums had, however, several fine numbers, including "Always on Your Side" and "Love Is All There Is".

But where are the classics on this new album? Despite positive determination I have not found them yet. This does not mean that it is a totally hopeless album, the music swings very well and Crows vocals are intact, although she sounds a little thin on some tracks.

My favorite is "Long Home Road" which has some of what I like about Sheryl Crow - a catchy tune og a good beat. The title track is also alright, but overall the album is far more poppy than the music I listen to, and since none of these songs really have anything new and interesting, the album comes out appears pretty dull and unnecessary - unfortunately.

The fact that I, as a fan, have come to give four stars is probably a mistake - I still hope that the album will win over time.

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