Cockney Rebel

The Human Menagerie - EMI 1973

Tracks: 1. Hideaway / 2. What Ruthy Said / 3. Loretta's Tale / 4. Crazy Raver / 5. Sebastian / 6. Mirror Freak /7. My Only Vice / 8. Muriel the Actor / 9. Chameleon / 10. Death Trip / 11. Judy Teen / 12. Rock and Roll Parade


This was Steve Harley and Cockney Rebels´ first album - originally released in 1973. Cockney Rebel was a glam-rock act ; somewhere between David Bowie and Doctor´s of Madness. At least their first 3 albums were really great; from then Harley´s songwriting seemed to be somewhat exhausted.

This album, probably their most consistent, contains their first classic single “Sebastian”, which was a hit record in several countries, though never made it to the top 20 in Britain. The song may appear a little dated today ( maybe because of its 7 minutes playing time ) - but their follow up single “Judy Teen”, which is included as a bonus-track, is still among my favourite Rebel songs.

The album contains many great tracks; both ballads and rockers - quite impressive considering that this was their debut-album. Songs like “Hideaway”, “Loretta´s Tale” and “Mirror Freak” have obvious hit-potentials. “My Only Vice” and “Muriel the Actor” are simply charming tracks.

“Death Trip”, like Sebastian, is an ambitious piece of work, with a lot of inspiration from classical music.

A great album!

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