The Killers

Hot Fuss - Island 2004

Tracks: 1. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine / 2. Mr. Brightside / 3. Smile Like You Mean It / 4. Somebody Told Me / 5. All These Things That I've Done / 6. Andy, You're A Star / 7. On Top / 8. Change Your Mind / 9. Believe Me Natalie / 10. Midnight Show / 11. Everything Will Be Alright / 12. Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll


My first Killers album was the the great rarities collection "Sawdust", which includes a couple of terrific coverversions of "Romeo and Juliet" and "Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town" - of course along with many fine originals.

This debut album sounds very inspired by the sounds of the Brit-pop bands of the late 1990's. But the album does not at all come out as dull repetition of what bands like Blur and Suede've done before. Here is energy, fine songs and a singer with both expression and span.

The album contains four tracks that were also released on singles, and all did very well on the charts worldwide. All these are melodic up-beat rockers and immediately captivating.

Two of my favorites, were originally only to find on the British and American version of the album respectively. In my ears "Change Your Mind" has qualities tohat could have made it yet another radio hit.

One of the most original tracks for me to hear is slow and heavy (Brit-pop pastiche?) "Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll". Great vocals by Brandon Flowers. My version of "Hot Fuss" fortunately contains both songs.

A truly beautiful and consistent album, without definite weak numbers.

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