Bee Gees

Horizontal - Polydor 1968

Tracks: 1. World / 2. And the Sun Will Shine / 3. Lemons Never Forget / 4. Really and Sincerely / 5. Birdie Told Me / 6. With the Sun in My Eyes / 7. Massachusetts / 8. Harry Braff / 9. Day Time Girl / 10. Earnest of Being George / 11. Change Is Made / 12. Horizontal // 1. Out of Line [#] / 2. Ring My Bell [#] / 3. Barker of the U.F.O. / 4. Words / 5. Sir Geoffrey Saved the World / 6. Sinking Ships / 7. Really and Sincerely [Alt. ][#] / 8. Swan Song [Alt.][#] / 9. Mrs. Gillespie's Refrigerator [#] / 10. Deeply, Deeply Me [#] / 11. All My Chrismases Came at Once [#] / 12. Thank You for Christmas [#] / 13. Medley: Silent Night/Hark the Herald Angels Sing [#]


After their enormous success in 1967 with several big single hits and the success of their first European album, there were big expectations for their second album “Horizontal”

The album may at times come out slightly rushed with songs of uneven qualities, unlike their very consisten debut. On the other hand there is also an overall more convincing “band-feel” to the album.

The two big hits “World” and “Massachusetts” need no special mention - both being fine examples of early Bee Gees sound

Some of the ballads like “Really and Sincerely” come out too heavily orchestered with strings etc. - but there is a good handful of songs, where you get the feeling that this was really a band at this point. “The Earnest of Being George” and “Lemons Never Forget” are unusually raw for Bee Gees songs, and “Change is Made” may very well the closest the Bee Gees ever came to recording a blues. The simple arrangement for the simple melodic “Birdie Told Me” is very nice, too.

On the second bonus CD there are some real gems too. “Barker of the UFO”, “Sir Geoffrey Saved the World” and “Sinking Ships” and great examples of the often very high standards of the groups B-sides. And of course, “Words” - another big hit for the band.

Among the previously unreleased songs I really like “Out of Line” and the Christmas recordings are surprisingly good too. Another fine release, with a booklet telling part two of the band’s early history - of course to be continued on “Idea”

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