Lana del Rey

Honeymoon - Interscope 2015

Tracks: 1. Honeymoon / 2. Music to Watch Boys To / 3. Terrence Loves You / 4. God Knows I Tried / 5. High By the Beach / 6. Freak / 7. Art Deco / 8. Burnt Notion (Interlude) / 9. Religion / 10. Salvatore / 11. The Blackest Day / 12. 24 / 13. Swan Song / 14. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood


cit] (Audio CD) Unfortunately I cannot help being rather disappointed with Lana del Rey's new album. The individual songs may be quite good, but they do have very similar arrangements and pace of the songs is generally very slow, making the whole thing quite hard to get through.

There are, of course, a few songs that rise out of anonymity but at no point the album comes close to the heights of "Born to Die" and "Paradise" - unfortunately. The song that may be the first to stick out from the rest is the quite catchy "High on the Beach", but on the other hand it probably does not have long lasting qualities.

Otherwise, my favorites must be "Music to Watch Boys To", "Religion" and "Salvatore". The cover version of "Donít Let Me Be Misunderstood" I find outright tiresome.

I was actually also a little disappointed with "Ultraviolence" but will now rate that album higher than "Honeymoon," which I so much feel lacks energy.

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