Sheryl Crow

Home for Christmas - AM Records 2008

Tracks: 1. Go Tell It on the Mountain / 2. The Christmas Song / 3. White Christmas / 4. I'll Be Home for Christmas / 5. Merry Christmas, Baby / 6. The Bells of St. Mary's / 7. Blue Christmas / 8. O Holy Night / 9. There is a Star That Shines Tonight / 10. All Through the Night


Apart from Sheryl Crow's always fine vocals and a few very good tracks, there is little of the usual Crow to be found on this Christmas release.

Only two tracks stand out from the predominantly mainstream Christmas moods which characterize this album which really does not sound very inspired. Crow's only original song "There is a Star that Shines Tonight" is a very fine song though, and helps on the overall uninspired impression, if the listener has not already lost interest at this point, since it's the penultimate song on the CD. The heavy strings put on the second part of the song are really unnecessary and I think the song would have better without them.

The CD's absolute peak, however, is the last track, the beautiful traditional "All Through the Night". It seems this song is the only track that has been given a new and original approach.

The rest of the CD is rather ordinary mainstream interpretations of traditional songs and carols, in several cases arranged like Patsy Cline in the early 1960s. Why Crow chose to re-record "Blue Christmas" is a mystery - her previous version was much more fresh and actually sounded as a Sheryl Crow song.

If you like traditional Christmas music this CD could easily be something for you; if in contrary you are looking out for new original Sheryl Crow music with her personal edge, you will probably be disappointed with this release.

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