Dixie Chicks

Home - Monument/Open Wide 2002

Tracks: 1. Long Time Gone / 2. Landslide / 3. Travelin' Soldier / 4. Truth No. 2 / 5. White Trash Wedding / 6. A Home / 7. More Love / 8. I Believe In Love / 9. Tortured, Tangled Hearts / 10. Lil' Jack Slade / 11. Godspeed / 12. Top Of The World / 13. Landslide Remix* / 14. TravellinīSoldier - alt' / 15. Top of the World Remix* - (*) bonus-tracks


This is the least main-stream oriented album from Dixie Chicks, since Natalie Maines joined them. I liked both "Wide Open Spaces" and "Fly" very much, so at first I was pretty disappointed with this album. There were no "new" "Goodbye Earl" type of songs here. The instrumentation was much more traditional and acoustic than on the two previous albums. But soon several songs really began to grow on me; especially "Travelling Soldier", "More Love", "I Believe in Love", "Godspeed" and "Top of the World" have become favourites.

After having seen their live-dvd performance of the album, I have even come to like the traditional blue-grass type of tracks. This CD is highly recommendable.

The bonus-track version of "Landslide" is produced by Sheryl Crow is great, though not markedly different - slightly more mainstream.

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