Richard and Linda Thompson

Hokey Pokey - Island Records 1975

Tracks: 1. Hokey Pokey / 2. I'll Regret it all in the Morning / 3. Simiffy's Glass Eye / 4. The Egypt Room / 5. Never Again / 6. Georgie On A Spree / 7. Old Man Inside A Young Man / 9. A Heart Needs A Home / 10. Mole In A Hole / 11. Wishing (BBC Session) / 12. I'm Turning Off A Memory (BBC Session) / 13. A Heart Needs A Home (BBC Session) / 14. Hokey Pokey (Live at The Roundhouse) / 15. It'll Be Me (Guitar Vocal)


Richard and Linda Thompson's second album "Hokey Pokey" of 1975 is stylistically more varied than its predecessor "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight", which was mostly folk-rock in the vein of Fairport Convention or Richard Thompson's own first solo album. On "Hokey Pokey" musical inspirations are also pulled in Music-hall and to some extent in pub-singalongs.

There is several cases a remarkable contrast between Thompson's often somber and serious lyrics and the upbeat sing-along tunes. In conclusion, not the album does not appear as seamless as "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight", which for me was the ultimate release from the duo.

On the title track "Hokey Pokey" you find the familiar folk-rock sound - lovely spiced with Thompson's distinctive guitar playing - the song is also a good example of Thompson's deliberate choice of contrasting lyrics and melody. One of the album's strongest tracks, and a song that would fit nicely in on the first album.

Very strong is also "Never Again" sung by Linda. The song is written in the light of the tragic accident that killed Fairport drummer Martin Lamble and Richard's then girlfriend Jeannie.

Lead vocals are spread evenly between the two, who in most cases harmonize greatly in the choruses. Besides Richard himself the rock-solid band consists of Simon Nicol, Pat Donaldson, Timi Donald, John Kirkpatrick and Ian Whiteman, who all in varying degrees were part of the early Fairport community.

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