Wishful Thinking

Hiroshima - B&C CAS 1038 - 1971

Tracks: 1. Hiroshima / 2. This Time Tomorrow / 3. She Belongs To The Night / 4. Mary Goodbye / 5. Ever Since I Can Remember / 6. We're Gonna Change All This / 7. Now / 8. United States Of Europe '79 / 9. I Wrote A Song / 10. 1984 / 11. Goodbye Lover // 12. State Fair Majorette * / 12. Clear White Light * / 13. America * / 13. Crash At Honolulu* - * re-release version


During a tour through Denmark in 1967 Wishful Thinking supported Pink Floyd on their gig in Århus on September 10th. In 1969 bass-player Roger Charles was replaced by Tony Collier 1969. This was the lineup which recorded the album "Hiroshima" in 1970 with producer Lou Reizner at Chappell Recording Studios, London. It was released in the UK in 1971 on B&C Records, the original distributor of "The Famous Charisma Label. In Germany it was released on Global Records, which are still the copyright holders of most of Wishful Thinking's later songs.

The song “Hiroshima” also became a minor hit in some European countries, and the album was later re-released in 1979 just with the band name as the title.

Compared to their sixties recordings, the sound has changed quite markedly. The sound is generally thinner, a little like the Searchers in the seventies, and may at times appear a little “cheap”.

The material is somewhat uneven, spanning from pop-pscych over cabaret ballads to pure mainstream pop. “Hiroshima”, written by Dave Morgan who also wrote songs for the Move, is the stand-out track Morgan wrote a lot of the material on this album, and among these “Now” and “1984” are also quite good.

Apart from these songs, the album is more or less forgettable, which is really a shame, because their great Decca singles, seemed to to promise more from this relatively obscure group.

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