Bob Dylan

Highway 61 Revisited - CBS 1965

Tracks: 1. Like a Rolling Stone / 2. Tombstone Blues / 3. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry / 4. From a Buick 6 / 5. Ballad of a Thin Man / 6. Queen Jane Approximately / 7. Highway 61 Revisited / 8. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues / 9. Desolation Row


This album is indisputably one of rock history's major milestones. Bob Dylan had on his previous album "Bringing it all Back Home" experimented with a partially electric album, but here he goes the whole way through with a complete electric album. It is, however, far from the only thing that makes this album so special. It is first of all the great songs and the subtle lyrics that have both bite and wit. Virtually all of the album's songs have become classics.

I look forward to a deluxe version, where songs like "Can You Please Crawl Out my Window" and especially "Positively Fourth Street" which come from the same sessions can be united with the rest of "Highway 61 Revisited". Also a lesser known song, "Sitting on a Barbed Wire Fence" deserves a place on a deluxe version.

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