Heron - Dawn 1970

Tracks: 1. Yellow Roses / 2. Car Crash / 3. Harlequin 2 / 4. Smiling Ladies / 5. Little Boy / 6. Sally Goodin` / 7. Upon Reflection / 8. Lord and Master / 9. Little Angel / 10. Goodbye / 11. For You / 12. Sally Goodin 2 / 13. Carnival and Penitence


Heron'1970 debut album!

The quartet Heron recorded 2 albums for Dawn Records in 1970-71. This was their first album. Their is instrumentation is primarily acoustic guitars, el-bas and various keyboards (organ, piano). Their playing and singing is very inspired, and many of the songs sound as if they were recorded in one take. Sounds of birds and wind can be heard between several tracks, as a lot of the recordings were done outside their country cottage.

Most of their material was written by the band members themselves, and most of their originals are very good; especially guitarist Gerald T. Moore shines. His songs "Goodbye", "Little Boy" and "Harlequin 2" are standouts. But the other bandmembers contribute memorable songs like "Yellow Roses", "Car Crash" and "Smiling Ladies".

The bonus tracks come from a single ( Dylan's "Only a Hobo" ) and their second ( double album ) "Twice as Nice Half the Price", which generally showed a greater variety of styles and which is worth seeking out as well.

The band has now reformed ( without Moore ) and all their original albums are available on their own "Relaxx" label.

This first album is a very good place to start, if you like acoustic guitars, great melodies and vocal harmonies. The bonus-tracks with the terrific Moore song "Minstrel and the King" will probably serve as appetizers for more.

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