Paul Revere & The Raiders

Here They Come - Columbia 1965

Tracks: 1. You Can't Sit Down / 2. Money / 3. Louie, Louie / 4. Do You Love Me / 5. Big Boy Pete / 6. Ooh Poo Pah Doo / 7. Sometimes / 8. Gone / 9. These Are Bad Times / 10. Fever / 11. Time Is on My Side / 12. Kiss to Remember You By


This was the first album with Paul Revere & the Raiders released on Columbia Records. The group had early in 1960 released some singles and a few albums of classic R & B dance band style, but on this album, produced by Terry Melchior, they lay the foundation to their new modern style, which would give them both a wider audience and a recognition as one the most interesting American garage bands of the late 1960’s.

On the first half of the album, we hear the band playing live in the studio to an invited audience, very much performed in their early style with songs like ”Louie Louie” and ”Do You Love Me” – actually quite charming performances.

Second half, though, is the most interesting with great songs like ”Sometimes” as one of the stand-outs. This song is played very much in the style of Pretty Things or Them, and a song that would have suited both Phil May and Van Morrison perfectly.

The ballad ”Gone” may be better known from Buddy Holly’s version, but Paul Revere & the Raiders’ version is easily as intersting. Also good is their original song ”A Kiss to Remember You By”, written by Mark Lindsay with help from the band.

Many fine albums would follow this their first attempt at contemporary modern pop/rock style.

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