The Tears

Here Come the Tears - Phantom 2005

Tracks: 1. Refugees / 2. Autograph / 3. Co-star / 4. Imperfection / 5. The Ghost of You / 6. Two Creatures / 7. Lovers / 8. Fallen Idol / 9. Brave New Century / 10. Beautiful Pain / 11. The Asylum / 12. Apollo 13 / 13. A Love as Strong as Death


A couple of years go I had the pleasure of seeing Suede perform live here in Denmark. They did a great performance and the crowd loved them. So it was very sad a few months later to read that they had decided to split up.

Now Brett Andersen has re-united with original Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, and it's no surprise that this new album sounds like Suede. The formula is more or less still the same; Andersen's vocals up in front, great guitar-work and catchy singable melodies.

Had you expected something very different from the most recent Suede albums, you may be disappointed with the new "Tears" album, which sounds like Suede in all but name!

The music is actually very consistent; no real weak tracks and probably no real outstanding tracks; like "By the Sea", "Beautiful Ones", "Saturday Night" or "Animal Nitrate". It may take some time to really get to remember tracks from each other ( it did for me anyway ), but now I think my favourites among the ballads are "The Ghost of You", "Beautiful Pain" and "Apollo 13". Among the up-beat songs the single "Refugees", "Imperfection" and "Autograph" are great.

The only two tracks that do not really appeal to me are "Lovers" and the closing track "A Love as Strong as Death"

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