Help Soundtrack - Capitol 1965

Tracks: 1. The James Bond Theme ( G.M.) / 2. Help! / 3. The Night Before / 4. From Me to You Fantasy (G.M.) / 5. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away / 6. I Need You / 7. In the Tyrol (G.M.) / 8. Another Girl / 9. Another Hard Day's Night (G.M.) / 10. Ticket to Ride / 11. The Bitter End / You Can't Do That (G.M.) / 12. You're Gonna Lose That Girl / 13. The Chase (G.M.)


This American soundtrack version of ”Help” contains of Beatles music only the seven new songs featured in the movie. The rest is more or less filler movie music without vocals or instrumental participation from the group members - may lead thoughts towards early James Bond soundtracks. This means that in comparison to the European version seven Beatles songs are missing; including great songs like "It's Only Love" and "Yesterday". On the other hand, all the seven songs are actually top class and all of which are found on side one of the vinyl version from Europe.

It is obvious that the group musically are still maturing and in the songwriting there is much more soul put into the lyrics, especially from Lennon's side. E.g. ”You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” and ”Help”

All the seven songs are amazing and you notice George Harrison's so far strongest Beatles contribution with "I Need You". You also notice the great crunchy guitars; not least on the timeless hit "Ticket to Ride".

Still, there is honestly no reason to buy this American version when you can get it all on the European version and moreover seven more Beatles songs.

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