Head Music - Nude 1999

Tracks: 1. Electricity / 2. Savoir Faire / 3. Can't Get Enough / 4. Everything Will Flow / 5. Down / 6. She's in Fashion / 7. Asbestos / 8. Head Music / 9. Elephant Man / 10. Hi-Fi / 11. Indian Strings / 12. He's Gone / 13. Crack in the Union Jack


Head Music has often been regarded is Suede's weakest album; I won't go into that discussion, but simple note that the album contains some of my favourite songs by the band.

I was fortunate to see them in Denmark shortly before their split was announced. They played several songs from Head Music, and I particularly enjoyed "She's in Fashion", "Asbestos" and "Down".

Other great tracks are "Everything Will Flow" and "He's Gone"

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