Head - Colgems 1968

Tracks: Tracks: 1. Opening Ceremony / 2. Porpoise Song / 3. Ditty Diego / 4. Circle Sky / 5. Supplicio / 6. Can You Dig It / 7. Gravy / 8. Superstitous / 9. As We Go Along / 10. Dandruff? / 11. Daddy's Song / 12. Poll / 13. Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again / 14. Swami (Plus Strings) / 15. Ditty Diego-War Chant (*) / 16. Circle Sky (Live) / 17. Happy Birthday To You (*) / 18. Can You Dig It (*) / 19. Daddy's Song (*) / 20. Head Radio Spot (*)


"Head" was the last Monkees album to feature all four original members. Guitarist Pete Tork left the band shortly after finishing the album.

Though it's a soundtrack and not a regular album it contains some of the Monkees' finest recordings. Especially the two Carole King songs "Porpoise Song" and "As We Go Along" are outstanding. Also Tork's "Can You Dig it" and Nesmith's "Circle Sky" are Monkees classics.

Only 6 tracks on the original album are actually music. The rest of it is soundclips and dialouge; some of it quite entertaining.

Taken from the sleeve notes Jack Nicholson played a big part in the album's/movie's creation, which sounds to be pretty weird.

The bonus tracks are mostly alternate takes - most interesting is the fine live version of "Circle Sky" recorded in May 1968.

The list of guest musicians is impressive, featuring names like Leon Russell, Bill Chadwick, Dewey Martin, Carole King, Neil Young and Ry Cooder.

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