Paul Revere and the Raiders

Hard "n" Heavy - Columbia 1968

Tracks: 1. Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon / 2. Money Can't Buy Me / 3. Time After Time / 4. Ride on My Shoulder / 5. Without You / 6. Trishalana / 7. Out on That Road / 8. Hard and Heavy 5-String Soul Banjo / 9. Where You Goin' Girl / 10. Cinderella Sunshine / 11. Call on Me / 12. Leslie [*] / 13. Cinderella Sunshine [Single][*] / 14. It's Happening [*] / 15. Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon [Single][*] / 16. Without You [Single] / 17. Do Unto Others [Single][*] / 18. Theme from It's Happening [Vocal][*] / 19. Judge Gto Breakaway [Original][*]


"Hard 'n' Heavy" was Paul Revere & the Raiders' follow-up to the fine album "Something Happening" which consisted entirely of original compositions and which was very nicely produced by the group's singer and songwriter Mark Lindsay. Memorable songs on this album were, among others, "Too Much Talk," "Observations From Flight 285" and "Happening 68".

Without quite reaching the high level of its predecessor "Hard 'n' Heavy" comes as solid successor. Again the group provides eleven new original songs, where Lindsay as songwriter is getting help from the new Raiders members Keith Allison, Freddy Weller and Joe Correro. Musically, the group has moved towards a lighter the more pop-oriented style, with some elements of bubble-gum this is, however, presented with both charm and a twinkle in the eye, and since the songs are basically well-written you easily live with this.

It is worth noting that the incidentally fine singles "Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon" and "Cinderella Sunshine" are found here in completely different and longer versions. The same applies to the B-side "Without You". Between some tracks there a short sille sketches which might annoy some, but in a way help to create an unpretentious and easy mood.

While light pop style characterizes many of the songs, room has also been given for a couple of tracks pointing back towards the group's "garage" past; the fine "Time After Time" is the most obvious example of this . A little country style song is also to found; "Hard and Heavy 5 String Soul". Otherwise, I would highlight the quiet ballad "Trishalana" where Lindsay, accompanies the song on the harpsichord.

Overall it's a solid album without really weak tracks; on the other hand some would probably argue that it has too few really memorable songs.

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