Lisa Germano

Happiness - Capitol 1993 (94)

Tracks: 1. Around the World / 2. You Make Me Want to Wear Dresses / 2. Happiness / 3. Bad Attitude / 4. Sycophant / 5. Miamo-Tutti / 6. Energy / 7. Cowboy / 8. Puppet / 9. These Boots Are Made for Walkin' / 10. Breathe Across Texas / 11. Everyone's Victim / 12. The Darkest Night of All / 13. Destroy the Flower* / 14. The Earth*


A reissue of this the second Germanos second album from 1993 was released in 1994. It has a resequenced track listing, with two new songs replacing two from the original. "Destroy the Flower" and "The Earth" replace "These Boots Are Made For Walking" and "Breathe Across Texas". Germano is rarely easy listening and this also goes for this album. Usually there is something quirky about the tunes and often there is a drizzle of noise or weird harmony in the arrangements.

Fortunately, the basic songs are often melodic and really quite singable when they have come to know them.

One of her most catchy songs "You Make Me Want To Wear Dresses" is here in a nice remake, though, it does not quite have the charm of the original. Otherwise, my favorites include "Energy", a little in the same vein as "Dresses" featuring both banjo and violin. "Bad Attidtude" is a pretty typical Germano melody, featuring electric guitars and drums. "Puppet" is a nice noise ballad. While ”Around the World "and" The Darkest Night of All "offer both fine melody and great sound.

A few songs are a bit too odd for my taste, but overall this a fine exciting album.

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