Del Shannon

Handy Man - AMV 1964

Tracks: 1. Memphis / 2. That's The Way Love Is / 3. Ruby Baby / 4. I'll Be Lonely Tomorrow / 5. I Can't Fool Around Anymore / 6. Hand Man / 7. Crying / 8. Twist & Shout / 9. Mary Jane / 10. World Without Love / 11. Sorry (I Ran All The Way) / 12. Give Her Lots Of Lovin


Del Shannon's fourth album. Compared to his earlier albums, the sound has changed on the "Handy Man", where some tracks sound somewhat muddy ( this may be due to the re-mastering of the CD-version I own.

The single hits on this album are the great Phil Spector sounding title track and the pretty ordinary "Mary Jane". Among the album tracks there are a couple of nice Shannon original ballads - both quite Merseybeat inspired. There is a nice try at Roy Orbison's "Crying", which works great until the falsetto part - here it is really miles behind Orbison's original. The closing track "Twist and Shout" has a great raw guitar solo, and makes up a worthy finale om a slightly uneven album. In spite of its relative flaws "Handy Man" is a quite enjoyable release.

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