Richard Thompson

Hand of Kindness - Hannibal 1983

Tracks: 1. Tear-Stained Letter / 2. How I Wanted To / 3. Both Ends Burning / 4. A Poisoned Heart and a Twisted Memory" / 5. Where the Wind Don't Whine / 6. The Wrong Heartbeat / 7. Hand of Kindness / 8. Devonside / 9. Two Left Feet


"Hand of Kindness" from 1983 is the first solo studio album from songwriter and guitarist Richard Thompson after his break-up with his wife and musical partner Linda Thompson. Thompson, who was a founding member of Fairport Convention, usually shows a strong inspiration in the traditional British folk music in his songwriting. Although backed up by old Fairport friends like Dave Mattacks , Simon Nicol and Dave Pegg on "Hand of Kindness" there are only a few songs that can be described as folk-rock . Many songs are musically very extroverted and up-tempo; at times almost dance-music . Common to all the songs in their rather large differences, however, is Thompson's unique and varied guitar playing that lifts even the less significant songs to a higher level .

Two songs stand out part from the rest more up-beat songs in being ballads with roots in traditional folk music. Both "How I Wanted To" and especially "Devon Side" are two of the album's many highlights .

Some of the other songs are characterized by John Kirkpatrick’s facilitate accordion, which helps to lift the mood of Thompson’s often dark lyrics . Some tracks also feature the dual saxophones of Pete Zorn and Pete Thomas. Among the best songs also "Where The Wind Don’t Whine", ”A Poisoned Heart and a Twisted Memory " and the title track "Hand of Kindness" should be mentioned.

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