Gram Parsons

Grievious Angel - Reprise 1974

Tracks: 1. Return Of The Grievous Angel / 2. Hearts On Fire / 3. I Can't Dance / 4. Brass Buttons / 5. $1000 Wedding / 6. Medley Live From Northern Quebec / 7. Love Hurts / 8. Ooh Las Vegas / 9 .In My Hour Of Darkness


"Grievious Angel", which is generally stronger album than "G.P.", was released after Parsons' death in 1973, and the tracklisting was not overlooked by himself. The album contains more beautiful original ballads of which "Return of Grievious Angel", "Brass Buttons", "$1000 Wedding" and "In My Hour of Darkness" all deserve to be classics.

On several tracks he is helped by Emmylou Harris and their voices blend beautifully on most tracks. Harris also co-wrote one of the standout songs with Parsons; the closing track "In My Hour of Darkness".

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