Gran Turismo - Stockholm Records, 1998

Tracks: 1. Paralyzed / 2. Erase/Rewind / 3. Explode / 4. Starter / 5. Hanging Around / 6. Higher / 7. Marvel Hill / 8. My Favourite Game / 9. Do You Believe / 10. Junk Of The Hearts / 11. Nil


Compared to "Long Gone Before Daylight", which was the first album I heard, I was surprised to listen to "Gran Turismo"; with it`s minimal production, almost new-wave sound.. At first I also found the songs far behind the great songwriting on "Daylight". But several songs grow on you when you get to know them better.

"Paralyzed" the opening tracks is a slow song with distorted guitars and good chorus.

Next track is the Blondie-inspired single "Erase and Rewind", a good pop-tune, but not very memorable.

"Explode" and "Starter" are songs in the same vein as "Paralysed"; both songs go on too long for my taste.

"Higher" is a beautiful ballad, one of my favourires on the album.

"Marvel Hill" I simply just don`t like.

Next highlight is the great single "My Favorite Game" ; another "Blondie-type" song.

"Junk Of The Hearts" is also a great track.

Conclusion: An album not nearly as strong as "Long Gone Before Daylight", but songs like "Erase and Rewind", "Higher", "My Favorite Game", "Junk of the Hearts" and a few other good tracks, make this decent album.

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