Good Feeling - Inpendiente 1999

Tracks: 1. All I Want to Do Is Rock / 2. U16 Girls / 3. Line Is Fine / 4. Good Day to Die / 5. Good Feeling / 6. Midsummer Nights Dreamin' / 7. Tied to the 90's / 8. I Love You Anyways / 9. Happy / 10. More Than Us / 11. Falling Down / 12. Funny Thing


This was Travis debut album, originally released in 1997. On most songs the band sound quite different from what they are usually known for. The approach is harder rocking and the songs are generally not as strongs as on their later albums. This does not mean that is is a completely bad album; far from it.

The opener "All I Want to do is Rock" is nice slow rock-song, with great vocals from Fran Healy. "Tied to the 90's" is a catchy up-beat goodtime song which reached the number thirty spot on the UK singles charts. The quiet acoustic "More Than Us", is more Travis as they are usually known; a fine song with nice vocal harmonies. My personal favourite is the haunting closing track "Funny Thing".

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