Sandy Denny

Gold Dust ( Live 77 ) - Island 1998

Tracks: 1. I Wish I Was a Fool for You / 2. Stranger to Himself / 3. I'm a Dreamer / 4. Take Me Away / 5. Nothing More / 6. Sea / 7. Lady / 8. Gold Dust / 9. Solo / 10. John the Gun / 11. It'll Take a Long Time / 12. Wretched Wilbur / 13. Tomorrow Is a Long Time / 14. North Star Grassman and the Ravens / 15. One More Chance / 16. No More Sad Refrains / 17. Who Knows Where the Time Goes?


This concert turned out to be Sandy Denny`s last. This fact might make it quite sad to listen to it, but fortunately the music is so great that you forget the sadness, and remember Sandy for the great music she created, as a singer and composer. The fact that the CD has been released is a small miracle in itself; Sandy`s voice was not in the best condition, as she had caught a cold during the tour; so the tapes had been shelved for years. When the release of the concert was reconsidered, the tapes were in bad condition, but fortunately they were restored; and the result is really magnificent. Even though her voice is not in optimal condition, she is still great; and the band is terrific.

The concert covers her career from her early masterpiece "Who Knows Where the Time Goes" till her final album "Rendezvous" from 1977. Most of her classic songs are here; some of the performances are maybe even better than the studio versions.

My favourites are "I`m a Dreamer", "Take Me Away", "It`ll Take a Long Time", "Solo", "Tomorrow is a Long Time", "One More Chance" and "No More Sad Refrains"-

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