Girl Who Got Away - RCA 2013

Tracks: 1. No Freedom / 2. Girl Who Got Away / 3. Let Us Move On / 4. Blackbird / 5. End Of Night / 6. Sitting On The Roof Of The World / 7. Love To Blame / 8. Go Dreaming / 9. Happy New Year / 10. Loveless Hearts / 11. Day Before We Went To War // 1. Let Us Move On Ft. Kendrick Lamar / 2. All I See / 3. Just Say Yes / 4. Let's Run Away / 5. Everything To Lose / 6. Lost


I'd better at once make it clear that "No Angel" and "Life for Rent" still are my favorite Dido albums. Both albums contain such a rare large number of great songs and I always gladly return to these her first two albums.

You had to wait for five years on Dido's third album "Safe Trip Home" from 2008. Personal events in Didos life were reflected on this album, which had a distinctly sad tone and which was significantly less commercial.

"Safe Trip Home" contained fewer "big" songs than the first two albums, but it has a warm and honest feel that compensates the less distinctive songwriting. Songs like "Look No Further", "Quiet Times" and "Northern Skies" are individually very strong songs, which also helps to lift this album.

Now five years have passed again, and Dido has just released her fourth album. One can hardly say that her music has taken a revolutionary turn, but there is generally a far more easy mood on the album, which is also to a greater extent than previously is spiced with electronic elements.

I do, however, feel, like iI did with "Safe Trip Home", that some songs sound a little too similar, especially if you choose deleuxe version, which contains six extra tracks.

"No Freedom" is a great pop song which has a sound close to the "Life For Rent" album.

The quiet and almost acoustic "Sitting on the Roof of the World", is for me another the album's great songs.

Some songs take longer to embrace. Among the songs that have grown on me are "Loveless Hearts" and "End of Night".

On the bonus disc, which generally keeps the level of CD 1 songs like "All I See" and "Lost" are my preliminary favorites.

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