Lisa Germano

Geek the Girl - 4AD 1994

Tracks: 1. My Secret Reason / 2. Trouble / 3. Geek the Girl / 4. Just Geek / 5. Cry Wolf / 6. A Psychopath / 7. Sexy Little Girl Princess / 8. Phantom Love / 9. Cancer of Everything / 10. A Guy Like You / 11. ...of Love and Colors / 12. Stars


Lisa Germano’s 1994 album "Geek the Girl" is often considered her best / most important. The themes of the album are gloomy with subjects such as rape, stalking, violence and evil, and the music is obviously very much influenced by this.

Perhaps in order to relieve of the dark themes, there are short optimistic instrumental pieces around. On the other hand this may also add to the general gloomy mood.

Germano’s melodies are often quite quirky, with unusual harmonies and instrumentation. And her vocals are as always easily recognizable in their fragility.

Cello and violin are to be found on many songs and in some cases the raw electric guitar, may remind you of some of Nirvana's more subdued numbers. Only a few of the songs are really suitable for standing alone, but a song like "Stars" is so catchy that it stands out quite a lot from the rest. Also "Trouble" and the title-track belong to the more melodic end of the album.

Overall it is a dark and serious album that must make an impression on the attentive listener

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