Steely Dan

Gaucho - MCA 1980

Tracks: 1. Babylon Sister / 2. Hey Nineteen / 3. Glamour Profession / 4. Gaucho / 5. Time out of Mind / 6. My Rival / 7. Third World Man


"Gaucho" is not really like any of the other Steely Dan albums. There is obviously no doubt that it's Steely Dan is playing, but the album has a unique sound and sentiment and very homogeneous. This does not mean that all songs are equally good. There are clearly tracks you remember better than others; actually there is a couple of songs which are not very memorable on their own; but in the context of "Gaucho" they work fine.

The title-track "Gaucho" probably won't be the first song your attention is drawn towards, on the other hand, it could easily turn out to be the song you'll want to re-hear most often with its Incredibly beautiful horn-theme, and of course the song itself is actually very catchy and classic Steely Dan. "Third World Man", was my first favourite, and it is a song of durability too.

"Hey Nineteen" is probably the most commercial and catchy number. Nice funky rhythm with some nice blues guitar. "Babylon Sisters" is both funky and dramatic, while "My Rival" is both catchy and has a good funky riff.

"Glamor Profession" and "Time Out of Mind " are fine well-produced tracks, which probably do not quite have special qualities of the rest of the album.

After "Gaucho" the group took a break for nearly twenty years until "Two Against Nature" in 2000. So for many years "Gaucho" was thought of as a farewell work - and a very commendable one of its kind. Fortunately, Becker and Fagen are together again, and they have so far recorded two more fine albums.

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