Aimee Mann

Fucking Smilers - Super Ego Records 2008

Tracks: 1. Freeway / 2. Stranger into Starman / 3. Looking for Nothing" / 4. Phoenix / 5. Borrowing Time / 6. It's Over / 7. 31 Today / 8. The Great Beyond / 9. Medicine Wheel / 10. Columbus Avenue / 11. Little Tornado / 12. True Believer / 13. Ballantines / 12. Lullaby*


"Fucking Charmers", or however the first half of the title is to be interpreted, is yet another great record by Aimee Mann. It's a big mystery to me why so few people, at least here in Denmark, still not seem to have discovered what a great artist she is.

This album from 2008 possesses the same virtues of practically all the other albums from Mann . Very fine melodies, often with intelligent and relevant lyrics, musically varied and tastefully arranged and produced.

Of the three singles, "Freeway", "31 Today" and "Phoenix" the first two show Mannsís great ability to write immediately catchy songs. Mann has published - for both of these great music videos. "Phoenix" is a little wistful song - a style which Mann masters with great conviction. Apart from 2-3 slightly anonymous ballads, the album as a whole very satisfying and represents all the best of what Mann is known for. "Borrowing Time" and "The Great Beyond" are two songs that show a lighter and effortless songwriting but never lightweight - both song among my personal favorites.

More grandiose is the stunning "Looking for Nothing" - really great build-up. Another highlight is "Medicine Wheel"; song that could have been inspired by Robbie Robertson and The Band.

Songs like "Little Tornado", "True Believer," "Columbus Avenue" and "It's Over" belong in the more subdued end and are songs you might oversee in the first and second round, but which may later turn out as winners.

Finally I must mention that it is, like always, a pleasure to listen to Aimee Mannís great vocals.

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