From Nowhere - Fontana 1966

Tracks: 1. Wild Thing / 2. Yella in Me / 3. I Just Sing / 4. Hi Hi Hazel / 5. Lost Girl / 6. Jaguar and Thunderbird / 7. Your Love / 8. Our Love Will Still Be There / 9. Jingle Jangle / 10. When I'm With You / 11. From Home / 12. Louie Louie / 13. Kitty Cat Song / 14. Ride Your Pony / 15. Evil / 16. With a Girl Like You (*) / 17. I Want You (*) / 18. I Can't Control Myself (*) / 19. Gonna Make You (*) / 20. As I Ride By (*)


In April 1966 The Troggs suddenly "From Nowhere" appeared on the beat-scene. "Wild Thing" written by Chip Taylor was an instant world-wide hit. Actually the single was really their second; their first "Lost Girl" which is also included here, was a minor hit in Holland, but failed to chart in England.

"Lost Girl" was written by singer Reg Presley, who also wrote several of the songs on the album, as well as their two follow-up hits "With a Girl Like You" and "I Can't Control Myself" which are included as bonus-tracks.

The Troggs' trademark was their raw r&b sound, often with provoking lyrics ( this was the 1960's!! ). This album is dominated inspired and catchy R&B tracks. It's well-deserved that the band got the reputation of being one of the very first punk-rock bands.

But they also were capeable doing nice ballads; on this album "Our Love Will Still be There" and "Jingle Jangle" are good examples of this.

A classic 1966 release; one of the finest in the Troggs discography. Only beaten by "Cellophane" and "Athens Andover"

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