Kaleidoscope ( Fairfield Parlour)

From Home to Home - Vertigo 1970

Tracks: 1. Aries / 2. In My Box / 3. By Your Bedside / 4. Soldier of the Flesh / 5. I Will Always Feel the Same / 6. Free / 7. Emily / 8. Chalk on the Wall / 9. Glorious House of Arthur / 10. Monkey / 11. Sunny Side Circus / 12. Drummer Boy of Shiloh / 13. Bordeaux Rose* / 14. Just Another Day* / 15. Song for You* / 16. Caraminda* / 17. I Am All the Animals* / 18. Mediaeval Masquerade* / 19. Eye Witness* / 20. Let the World Wash In* / 21. Baby Stay for Tonight* / 22. Bordeaux Rose alt.*


When Kaleidoscope released their third album in 1970, the band had changed the bandname to Fairfield Parlour. The line-up, however, remained unchanged and the music was a logical continuation of the line the group had started on the first two albums.

"From Home to Home" contains many very nice melodies, which are both well-executed and beautifully produced. The group has maintained a late sixties sound, mostly based on the melodic psychedelia and folk. As something new in comparison to the first albums, the flute is present on many songs, and this may give three memories of the early Moody Blues. But you can also find similarites with artists like The Move ("In My Box" and "Sunny Side Circus"), Pink Floyd ("Aries"), Donovan ("Your Bedside", "Soldier of the Flesh" ") and maybe Honeybus (" Bordeaux Rosť "). As mentioned, there are many catchy melodic songs, but also left space for musical experiments and surprises on the longer songs ( e.g. "Free" and "Emily").

My favorites are "Aries", which I think has much in common with Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" - both amazing songs, the melodic moving ballad "Monkey", the folkish "Emily" and of course the commercial "Bordeaux Rosť". One could also rightly highlight other songs from the album, which is actually a really consistent pjece of work.

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