Head Music - Nude 1999

Tracks: 1. Runaway / 2. My Mind's Eye / 3. Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow / 4. That Man / 5. My Way Of Giving / 6. Hey Girl / 7. (Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me / 8. Take This Hurt Off Me / 9. All Or Nothing / 10. Baby Don't You Do It / 11. Plum Nellie / 12. Sha La La La Lee / 13. You've Really Got A Hold On Me / 14. What'Cha Gonna Do About It / 15. Almost Grown / 16. Understanding / 17. I Can't Dance With You / 18. I Can't Make It /19. Just Passing //1. Runaway (Alt. Mix)/ 2. That Man (Alt. Mix) / 3. Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow (Alt. Mix) / 4. My Mind's Eye (Alt. Mix ) / 5. Picanniny / 6. Hey Girl (Alt.) / 7. Take This Hurt Off Me (Different Version) / 8. Baby Don't You Do It (Different Version)/ 9. All Or Nothing (Alt. Mix / 10. Understanding (Alt. Mix ) / 11. Talk To You ( Backing Track) / 12. All Our Yesterdays ( Backing Track) / 13. (Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me (Alt. Take ) / 14. Show Me The Way ( Backing Track) / 15. I Can't Make It ( Backing Track) / 16. Things Are Going to Get Better ( Session Version)


The Small Facesí second Decca album from 1967, "From the Beginning" came out very inconveniently for the group who had just switched to Immediate and were ready to release their first and legendary Immediate album consisting entirely new group compositions. Decca had interest in exploiting the bandís high popularity through current hits like "All or Nothing" and "My Mind 's Eye" , and "From the Beginning" was released just a few weeks before the Immediate album. A lot of the songs come from the same sessions which became "The Small Faces" on Immediate and there are differing opinions about whether the album should be considered a compilation or an original album. Since the two early hits "Sha la la la leh" and "Whatcha Gonna Do About it" which were also to be found on the group's first album are included, "From the Beginning" is usually regareded a compilation, which title also suggests. Personally, I think though, that given the many "new" tracks included that it might just as well be considered an original album.

Never mind, it's obviously the music that really counts, and it is excellent.

At least four of the tracks actually belong to the Immediate period and two of these are also found on the aforementioned Immediate album. It needs an expert to know the differences in "My Way of Giving" and "Have You Ever Seen Me" which are on both albums . "That Man" and "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" are both also clear evidence that the group while cahnging record company also musical was heading in new musical directions. The two songs were reportedly considered for the Immediate album, but was, however, opted out .

The five major hitsingles qualities speak for themselves - "Sha la la la leh", "Whatcha Gonna Do About It", "Hey Girl ," "All or Nothing" and " My Mind 's Eye" - particularly "All or Nothing" is timeless .

The groupís cover versions of "Runaway ," "Take This Hurt Off Me" and "You've Really Got a Hold on Me " are all very strong - and they all sound considerably better than on my old vinyl versions.

The deluxe version is enhanced with a host of great tracks . Singles A's and B's, where one must highlight the charming "Just Passing ", which here is in the count-in version. Of course, also the single " I Canít Make It", which has also been included on several Immediate releases.

CD 2 contains quite a few rarities - including stereo versions and early takes of songs were later released on Immediate .

The 24 page booklet is well thought through and very informative. All in all a great release. Now I await the deluxe version of the group 's last album "Autumn Stone".

I believe I forgot to mention that the remastering is excellently done and that the music sounds greater than ever.

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