Pretty Things

Freeway Madmess - Warner Brothers 1972

Tracks: 1. Love Is Good / 2. Havana Bound / 3. Peter / 4. Rip off Train / 5. Over the Moon / 6. Religion's Dead / 7. Country Road / 8. Allnight Sailor / 9. Onion Soup / 10. Another Bowl? / 11. Religion's Dead [*] / 12. Havana Bound [*] / 13. Love Is Good [*] / 14. Onion Soup [*]


More than two years had gone since Pretty Things released their previous album, the highly acclaimed "Parachute". In the meantime there had been a split-up, a change of label, Peter Tolson was new on guitar and Stuart Brooks had replaced Wally Allen, who still contributed in producing the "new" album.

Whereas "Parachute" had been greatly inspired by the Beatles, "Freeway Madness" is much more a progressive 1970`s album - a change they persecuted with the next two albums "Silk Torpedo" and "Savage Eye"

The album sets off quietly with "Love is Good". With "Havana Bound" they enter the main-stream hard-rocking sound of the seventies. Both opening tracks have been added in fine live performances as bonus-tracks. Peter Tolson`s autobiographical "Peter" is a fine acoustic song, which has been put together with "Rip Off Train". "Over the Moon" is for me the outstanding track; fine melody and great vocals. Also a minor highlight is the uplifting "Country Road" .

The four live-tracks are great additions to a solid album.

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